The Northeastern Massachusetts
Law Enforcement Council

Assisting local law enforcement for over 50 years.

What we do: What is a Law Enforcement Council?

Simply stated, a law enforcement council coordinates a collaborative partnership of police agencies in a region that share knowledge, resources and personnel for the benefit of public safety.

There are over 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States. Approximately 85% have less than 24 sworn police officers. Agencies must efficiently manage the resources they have to provide public safety services in their communities, and most often provide patrol, 911 response, and criminal investigations. The ability to provide specialized services, such as electronic media assistance , search & rescue, and school safety may be limited. NEMLEC partnerships make many additional services available. By coordinating the sharing of police personnel, NEMLEC offers member police departments access to added resources on a moment’s notice. This allows one agency, if they request aid, to increase its resources temporarily in response to an emergency or large event. NEMLEC’s member agencies are committed to sharing assets and ensuring that communities are prepared for unplanned special occurrences.